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Turbo clean is Economical and Efficient pipeless filtration system in India by Blue Sky International Surat Gujarat. Leading manufacturer and supplier of Wall mount and Wall Hanging swimming pool pipeless filter in India,USA, Australia, Canada. The entire system has a lot of advantages and applications.



If you are looking for a very comfortable swimming pool with easy installation, effective filtration, water-energy saving and least maintenance. 


Blue Sky International  brings you world's most advance & economical filtration system "Turbo Clean". 


This combines aesthetic appearance, effectiveness and simplicity.













  Wall mount and Wall Hanging Pipeless filter


Turbo Clean is Wall mount and Wall hanging filter. It can be easily mounted on any existing pool.


Its elegant design makes the installation easier and safe to the pool body. There is no any

redevelopement neccessary for the implementation of this type filtration system.The unit is deck mounted and can be integrated into the structure.














     Specifications of Turbo Clean Pipeless filter

    Filtration Capacity

Turbo Clean wall mount filter has an outstanding and Prompt filtration capacity.

It can filter 16,000 Liters/ Hour . It is Really Speedy ..!!                                    



     Filtration Media

This kind of filter contains cartridge filtration media for the best result of  filtration.

Its excellent filtration capacity is upto 5 micron.!                                  





     Power Requirement

There is no extra power consumption of this kind of filtration system. It can operate with a single phase supply only.

It requires 230 V AC  single ø phase mains supply.                                                     





     Pump Capacity

Water circulation pump is provided with water proof control box.

This system needs 0.75Hp - 1.0Hp power capacity water circulating pump. 





     Electrical Protection

It provides protection against over current and short circuit mishap also, with a smart miniature circuit breaking automatic protection system .






     Inlets / Outlets

The skimmer like design provides inlet itself. There is no additional apparatus need for water deliver into filter.

It has two output high pressure nozzle for releasing filtered water back into the pool.





     Body Material type

Body substance is heavy duty industrial grade FRP type.

The entire system is rigid, firm and long lasting.   





     Operating Noise

It generates minimal noise in the range of <50 dB (less than 50 decible) while it functions.







The whole machine has 53 Kgs of weight.











 Turbo Clean Multi functional and All in One Solution Pipeless filter 2018 

TurboClean Pipe less filter provides all in one solution, which can be installed directly on pool. It provides superior & hygienic quality with very less energy usage. This system requires no extra pump room or special cabinet, no balancing tank, no pool professional staff and no maintenance.  


     Inlet Design

It requires no skimmers and no plumbing system for water inlet. Design of Turbo Clean is Skimmer like which functions as water inlet for filter . This will eliminate the extra mechanism of water inlet and need for long and costly buried pipe-laying work and reduces the risk of leakage also.












     Oulet Design provides Special Jacuzzi effect 

From the machine filtered water can be released back into pool through high pressure water jets. This creates amazing outflow of water and produce amazing jacuzzi effect with output waterflow. 














     Enriches the Illumination of Swimming pool

Turbo Clean has illumination feature which is optional. We can fix 100W helogen Submercible light accoring to client's requirement. This feature will illuminate your whole pool with low energy consumption. 















     Advantages of Turbo Clean Pipeless filter

How will Turbo Clean be more beneficial after its simply Installation ?






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