Steam/Sauna Accessories

   ♦  Steam Unit

Digitally controlled fully Automatic Steam unit. It is most widely used for Steam bath.

Available in different rating of power capacity in Watt.

Auto Drain, Auto Cut-off, Auto Internal temperature controlling.

Desire timing can be defined with digital Timer provided for user friendly operation.





   ♦  Sauna Bath Heater

Sauna bath heater is automatic and digitally controlled. Digitally computerised time and temperature control provided.

Available in various rating of power capacity in KWatt.

Large capacity Lava stone original. Mirror polished outer shell.

High heat protection and internal temperature control.



   ♦  Wooden Bucket & Laddle

Wooden Bucket with extra ordinary finish.

Bucket and ladle can be used to drip water onto hot rocks. Water immediately evaporates 

and rising humidity causes sweat to increase rapidly.



   ♦  Sauna Wooden Lamp

Wooden Sauna room can be lit by a low power lamp. The Lamp shade spreads a

gentle light with low power consumption.



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